AR/VR | Fritz AI

Augmented +Virtual Reality

Immersive, Mixed, Virtual, or Augmented. Build your Reality experiences with on-device AI.

AR/VR Solutions

People Occlusion

Occlusion knows where people and AR objects are and allows you to hide virtual objects behind people.

Mixed Reality Objects

Mixed reality is a blend of the physical and digital worlds. Place 3D objects in the real world and interact with them.

AR Interfaces

The camera unlocks entirely new input and control mechanisms. Create experiences limited only by your imagination.

Visualization + Virtual

Visualize paint colors on a wall or tile on the floor. Improve functionality and enhance the quality of your app.

Pose + Skeleton Tracking

Estimate the position for the skeleton of a person in an image or video by estimating where key body joints are.

SnapML for Snapchat Lens Creators

Build custom, SnapML-powered Lenses for Snapchat without machine learning code.