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Teach your app to see people, places, and objects. Use the camera and machine learning to give your app creative and sophisticated computer vision features.
Use Cases

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Teach your app to see hear the world around it. Use the microphone with audio intelligence to make your app more interactive, useful, and creative.
Use Cases
  • Listen for wake words, key phrases, action commands
  • Perform noise reduction and isolate target audio
  • Identify and recommend musical content
  • Make new music with generative audio

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Teach your app to think and act. Deploy local intelligence to make app experiences fast, personalized, and impactful using Neural Processing.
Use Cases
  • Create individually tailored recommendations
  • Personalize app flow and user interactions
  • Enhance, compress, upscale images and video

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Teach your app to sense and feel the environment. Connect AI with accelerometers on-device to provide high resolution information about movement.
Use Cases
  • Track athletic motion and specific movements
  • Monitor vehicle movement and driving telemetry
  • Develop AR and mixed-reality solutions

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