On-device Machine Learning with Smart Devices | Fritz AI

Build Smart(er) Devices

Learn how Fritz AI can help you put powerful AI on-device – improving cost, privacy, and capabilities

Fresh Capabilities

Ready to make your connected devices into smart devices? Adding AI functionality such as voice control, computer vision, and gesture control can take your user experience to a new level.

Cost Savings

Traditional AI technology runs in the cloud, where you pay for bandwidth and computing cycles. Moving to edge-based AI provided by Fritz enables you to operate on device where the data is, and where no expense is incurred. Scale to millions of devices without multiplying your cloud-computing bill.

Privacy Protected

Consumers today are demanding that their personal data stay safe and sound. Fortunately, by moving AI features to run on-device, data and actions both stay local. Fritz will help you deliver the best experience not only in features, but also in privacy.