Mobile Development Newsletters

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  • AppCoda Weekly - A weekly delivery of must-read Swift and iOS programming tutorials, helpful libraries, and a section focused specifically on UI/UX.

  • Awesome iOS Weekly - Awesome iOS Weekly is a code-first look at the latest libraries, links, talks, and more in the iOS world.

  • Indie iOS Focus Weekly - Indie iOS Focus offers iOS devs everything from news to app marketing strategies to career opportunities.

  • iOSCocoaTreats - This weekly newsletter features a variety of news items, tutorials, educational content, and more.

  • iOS Dev Weekly - A selection of high-quality links for iOS development in a number of different categories: news, tools, code, business/marketing, and more.

  • iOS Goodies - A no-nonsense collection of excellent tutorials and articles, new tools, business/career discussions, UI/UX content, and more.

  • Swift Developments - An impressive weekly list of content and resources in design, code, industry news, libraries, videos, and more.

  • Swift Weekly - Code examples, tutorials, screencasts and much more to learn Apples new programming language.

  • Swift Weekly Brief - A community-driven newsletter that centers its focus on open source Swift projects.


  • AndroidDev Digest - A weekly newsletter that includes all things Android: important platform news, tutorials, Android dev jobs listings, open source projects, and more.

  • Android Weekly - A selection of helpful links, with articles and tutorials, job postings, Android news, libraries and code, and videos and podcasts.

  • Google Play Developer Newsletter - The official monthly newsletter from Google’s Play Store, geared specifically towards makers and builders.

  • Kotlin Weekly - Weekly collection of links to tutorials, Kotlin developments, and more, with some simple but effective commentary introducing each piece of content.

  • Android Authority - A group of 5 different newsletters. Developers will likely want to subscribe to Developer Weekly, Daily Top Stories, and Android Weekly.

  • AndroidSweets - AndroidSweets features a variety of news items, tutorials, educational content, and more.

  • Awesome Android Newsletter - A weekly series of links to popular news and tutorials, along with a robust collection of packages and libraries.

  • - Curated list of Android jobs at all levels, from entry-level to senior.

React Native

  • React Native Newsletter - A bi-monthly summary of React Native news, articles, issues and PRs, libraries, and apps.

  • Fullstack React - Fullstack React is a weekly newsletter about the React ecosystem with an emphasis on useful libraries, tutorials, and code.

  • Let’s React - A weekly roundup of libraries/tools, open source projects, design articles, news, and more.

  • React Status - Weekly links include platform news, tutorials, job postings, and code & tools. 

  • React Digest - The 5 best React articles (Flux, Redux, MobX, React and React Native all get coverage here) each week.


  • Heartbeat - The Heartbeat newsletter covers the intersection of machine learning and mobile development, with tutorials, the latest news, and perspective from the Fritz team.

  • Weekly - Weekly newsletter includes lots of content from the latest tutorials, free sample chapters from their newest publications, new podcast episode announcements, and more.