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Thorough guides written by our experts, covering a wide range of mobile+ML topics, as well as SnapML in Lens Studio.
State of Mobile Machine Learning in 2020

This report dives headfirst into a burgeoning sector of the larger AI and machine learning industry—mobile machine learning.

Working with ML in Snap Lens Studio

An ultimate guide to building custom ML-powered Lenses for Snapchat.

The Mobile ML Lifecycle

An inside look at the challenges and opportunities of mobile machine learning.

Mobile ML for Photo and Video

Explore photo and video solutions powered by on-device machine learning.

Mobile ML in E-commerce and Retail

Explore the ways in which mobile experiences powered by machine learning have accelerated retail and e-commerce into the next phase of the AI economy.

Machine Learning on Mobile

14 Real-world examples of what machine learning can do on mobile.