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AI and Machine Learning Newsletters

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  • Alan Turing Institute - UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence

  • OpenAI - non-profit AI research organization founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, aims to develop and promote AI in ways that benefit society as a whole

  • BAIR Lab - The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab is a collaborative effort that brings UC Berkeley researchers from all domains of AI and machine learning (computer vision, NLP, robotics, and more) together to pursue groundbreaking and state-of the-art research.

  • Machine Intelligence Research Institute - MIRI’s goal is to produce “foundational mathematical research to ensure smarter-than-human artificial intelligence has a positive impact”

  • The Gradient - A digital publication with the goal of democratizing AI machine learning research

  • BigML - BigML is an end-to-end, comprehensive machine learning workflow platform that aims to make machine learning “beautifully simple for everyone.” Their blog has a mix of platform announcements and research-based technical deep dives, and their newsletter covers it all

AI/ML Industry

  • AIDL Weekly - Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly aims to document and analyze the most relevant and meaningful developments across the AI and deep learning ecosystem

  • Approximately Correct - Approximately Correct is a blog curated and edited by Zachary C. Lipton that covers both the technical and social aspects of machine learning

  • Data Prism - From the curators: “Data Prism is a weekly publication of curated news about startups and companies in the fields of data science, machine learning, AI and analytics”

  • Deep Learning Weekly - From the curators: “Bringing you everything new and exciting in the world of deep learning from academia to the grubby depth of industry every week right to your inbox”

  • Talking Machines - Talking Machines brands themselves as a place to encounter “Human conversations about machine learning”

  • This Week in Machine Learning & AI - TWiML&AI (what an acronym!) has a number of interesting projects, including a podcast, live events, an ebook series, and more. Stay in loop with their weekly newsletter

Business Applications

  • - Curated by Nathan Beniach,’s newsletter centers on market intelligence in the tech industry, research labs, and VC markets

  • Cloudera Fast Forward Labs - Cloudera’s monthly newsletter presents a wide variety of applied AI news, industry trends, and more, in an attempt to stay on top of the AI/ML innovations that drive business value

  • BootstrapLabs - BootstrapLabs is Silicon valley VC firm that’s focused on early-stage applied AI startups

  • TOPBOTS - TOPBOTS is a leading provider of AI and Bot news and breakthroughs across industries, from business to design and beyond

  • Emerj Weekly - Emerj (formerly TechEmergence) is a leading AI market research company that produces research reports, news articles, a podcast, and more

  • Applied AI - Applied AI is building a transparent marketplace of companies offering B2B AI services

  • - A newsletter by people who can make your newsletters better. Rasa promises a Smart Newsletter—they enable you to receive a personalized newsletter based on individual interests and behavior

  • Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute - Created by marketers for marketers, this newsletter contains the latest exclusive content on AI, machine learning, cognitive computing and related AI technologies

Resources & News

  • Heartbeat - The Heartbeat newsletter covers the intersection of machine learning and mobile development, with tutorials, the latest news, and perspective from the Fritz team

  • AI Weekly - A weekly collection of the best news and resources on AI and machine learning

  • Inside AI - The newsletter of the artificial intelligence section of, this is Rob May’s roundup of stories and commentary on AI, robotics, and neurotechnology

  • Kurzweil — Accelerating Intelligence - The Kurzweil Network is a small format digest — featuring hand-picked, specially curated stories + resources. lection of writings and commentary by Ray Kurzweil

  • Import AI - Import AI provides you with good background on the most important developments in the AI/ML industry.

  • Venture Beat AI - Venture Beat is a well-known source for news and events that provide deep context to help developers, enthusiasts, and business leaders make smart decisions

  • Skynet Today - Skynet Today’s tagline is Putting AI News In Perspective. Curated by Andrey Kurenkov, this content hub includes bi-weekly digests that look at recent AI media stories, news briefs, and editorials

  • NLP News - This now monthly newsletter, curated by Sebastian Ruder, offers industry and research news in Natural Language Processing and machine learning more generally

  • O’Reilly AI Newsletter - O’Reilly Media is one of the bigger players in the AI/ML industry when it comes to content, flagship conferences, and more. Their weekly newsletter usually includes 8–10 links that include everything from industry news to tutorials, and more

  • KDnuggets - KDnuggets is a content hub for all things AI, machine learning, and data science. They feature tutorials, opinion articles, news, job postings, and more

  • Deep Hunt - From the curator Avinash Hindupur: “Your weekly newsletter on the hottest things in Artificial Intelligence.” This includes news articles, tutorials, research snippets, and more

Society & Culture

  • The Algorithm - MIT Technology Review’s AI newsletter, delivered twice a week, promises to demystify artificial intelligence

  • AI Matters - AI Matters is the newsletter from the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (ACM SIGAI)

  • Humane AI - Humane AI, curated by Roya Pakzad, covers the intersection of AI and its implications on human rights across industries and applications

  • Machine Learnings - Machine Learnings aims to inform its readers on how machine learning and AI will impact the future of work, society, and selfhood

  • Benedict Evans - Every week, Benedict collects and comments on the tech news of the week he found most interesting, and the result is a really compelling and thought-provoking newsletter

  • AI for Good - The AI for Good Foundation fosters activities to maximize the benefit of AI technologies for social good through the lens of global sustainable development

  • Exponential View - Exponential View aimed at entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers, and academics as a source of information about exponential technologies and their impacts on society

  • CognitionX - CognitionX offers a suite of newsletters centered on AI, including looks at specific business applications (marketing, healthcare, etc), uses cases, social impacts, and more