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AI and Machine Learning Landscape

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Data Labeling

  • Labelbox - Platform for creating and managing training data

  • Alegion - Training platform to build datasets, manage, and more

  • Clickworker - Micro tasking marketplace, catering data management and web research services as well as AI algorithm training

  • Figure Eight - Training platform that helps turn data into trainable sets

  • Gengo AI - Training platform for language-based ML tasks

  • Mighty AI - Training data management for Computer Vision tasks

  • Scale - Training data API largely focused on Computer Vision tasks

  • CloudSight - Image recognition API for digital media

  • Hive - Data labeling, Computer Vision models, and media platform

  • Microwork - Image and video annotation services for AI

Synthetic Data

  • AI.Reverie - Simulation platform that generates synthetic data to train and improve ML models

  • Neuromation - Distributed computing platform for deep learning applications and synthetic data generation

Feature Engineering

  • Feature Labs - Automated feature engineering platform for enterprise

  • Featuretools - Open source Python framework for automated feature engineering - a product of Feature Labs

  • Source{d} - Machine learning for large scale code analysis


  • ClusterOne - Deep learning platform that allows you to train your models on distributed GPUs and CPUs without setup or maintenance

  • DataBricks - Unified Analytics Platform that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business

  • DAWNBench - Benchmark suite for end-to-end deep learning training and inference out of Stanford

  • Hyperopt - Distributed asynchronous hyperparameter optimization in Python

  • Lambda Labs - Workstations, Servers, Laptops, and GPU cloud built for Deep Learning

  • Exxact - Deep Learning Workstations and Servers

  • PaddlePaddle - An open-source deep learning platform with a simple API

  • Paperspace - GPU cloud platform (w/ API), AI/ML infrastructure product

  • RiseML - Machine Learning Platform for Kubernetes (:cry: - Sunsetting March 31, 2019)

  • Spell - Infrastructure for AI and deep learning experiments and collaboration

  • Trifacta - Data preparation and cleaning platform

  • Yellowfin - Integrated data analytics platform

Model Serving / Deployment

  • 5 Analytics - Enterprise AI platform to integrate, deploy, and monitor ML models

  • Algorithmia - Machine learning model management platform

  • Numericcal - Platform to automate model optimization and management on mobile and IoT

  • Seldon - Machine learning deployment platform for Enterprise

  • Vertex AI - PalidML is an open source tensor compiler

  • Alteryx - Integrated analytics platform built to foster partnerships between IT, analytics teams, and businesses

  • Datatron - Management platform for ML, AI ,and Data Science models

Model Management

  • Datmo - Workflow tools to help you experiment, deploy, and scale AI solutions

  • - Open-source Version Control System for Machine Learning Projects

  • MLFlow - Open source ML lifecycle platform

  • MLPerf - A broad ML benchmark suite for measuring performance of ML software frameworks, ML hardware accelerators, and ML cloud platforms

  • Neptune - Platform to build ML models, manage infrastructure and dev environments, and team collaboration tools

  • ParallelM - Platform to deploy and optimize ML models at scale

End-to-End ML Platforms

  • Allegro - Computer Vision Deep Learning platform

  • - Full stack data science and ML platform

  • Determined AI - Platform designed to streamline deep learning workflows

  • FloydHub - Deep learning model pipeline

  • SherlockML - Data science developer environment

  • BigML - Comprehensive ML workflow platform

  • Dataiku - End-to-end collaborative data science platform

  • Metis Machine - Skafos Machine Learning Platform to help develop and deploy ML pipelines at scale

  • Valohai - Deep learning management platform

  • Dataspine - Automation platform for ML workflows

  • PipelineAI - Flexible end-to-end ML pipeline platform

  • Deep Cognition - Deep learning management platform

  • Polyaxon - Open source platform for reproducible machine learning at scale

  • Clarifai - ML platform built for Computer Vision problems

  • - ML platform to track datasets, training, and more

  • - AI AI solution management platform

  • H20 AI - Open source ML platform

  • DataRobot - Automated ML platform for predictive modeling

  • Fritz - End-to-end platform designed to help mobile developers and ML engineers train and deploy models in mobile apps


  • Element AI - Use case-based AI software

  • Ever AI - Facial recognition and attribute identification SDK and API

  • Deepomatic - Image-based, computer vision AI solutions platform

  • Leverege - Complete IoT development and deployment platform

  • Nuance - Conversational AI for smart customer engagement

  • - Intelligent text processing solution