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Community Resources

The best the internet has to offer at the intersection of mobile and machine learning

Mobile ML GitHub Repositories

View repos with machine learning models ready for mobile, organized by feature type.

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AI Startup Landscape

Discover AI and Machine Learning companies that we find helpful.

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AI and ML Newsletters

Explore a collection of helpful AI and ML newsletters.

AI and ML Newsletters »

Mobile Development Newsletters

Explore a collection of helpful mobile development newsletters.

Mobile Development Newsletters »

Data Science Newsletters

Explore a collection of helpful data science newsletters.

Data Science Newsletters »

Facebook Groups

See our list of Facebook groups for AI and ML, mobile dev, data science, and programming.

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Case Studies

Read full case studies about how app developers solve problems with on-device machine learning.

Case Studies »

Expert Services

Our services provide access to experts and solutions across the entire machine learning lifecycle.

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