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Quickly move from idea to production-ready app with our mobile machine learning platform.

Start building – without a PhD in machine learning

Our integrated platform empowers your dev team to tackle each challenge in the mobile ML lifecycle: generate and collect labeled datasets, train optimized models without code, deploy and manage on any mobile platforms, and improve models and app UX based on real-world data.
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All-in-one Platform

Fritz AI solves the entire lifecycle of mobile machine learning end-to-end.

Create Datasets




Dataset Generator
Model Training
Model Delivery Network
Dataset Import
Benchmark Performance
Model Protection
Model Analytics
Dataset Collection System
Model Retraining

Create Datasets

Create ready-to-train image datasets. Quickly and easily build datasets with accurate labels to be used in the training of models for mobile deployment.
  • Datset Generator – Synthetic data creation
  • Dataset Collection System – Real-world device data
  • Dataset Import – Upload and annotate images


Train production-ready mobile machine learning models from datasets – without any code.
  • Benchmark on-device model performance without deploying
  • Deploy model versions to test devices while training
  • Track training configurations and hyperparameters


Deploy the right model to the right device. Convert and protect models across platforms, without losing accuracy or performance.
  • Native cross-platform mobile SDKs
  • Protect models from attackers and copycat apps
  • Model Delivery Network – Live model updating and edge-caching


Improve deployed models running on-device. Collect real-world data, retrain models, and push improvements live.
  • Dataset Collection System – Real-world device data
  • Analyze performance by platform, device and processor
  • Test and experiment with model versions

Available Models

Fritz AI Studio supports these model architectures for a wide range of solutions.

Dataset Generator

Use the Dataset Generation tool to create robust, labeled image datasets from only a handful of seed images.
The Dataset Generator helps your mobile machine learning project become a reality more quickly than ever. Create datasets without labeling thousands of images by hand, then train more accurate models with mobile-specific data augmentation.

Model Training

Use Fritz AI Model Training to build production-ready mobile machine learning models without any code.
Building quality ML models for iOS and Android has never been so easy. Model optimization is simple and straightforward. Both Core ML and TensorFlow Lite models are created automatically with variants available for a variety of needs and use cases.
Model Training Capabilities
  • Train production-quality, mobile-ready ML models without any code.
  • Retrain current models with newly-generated or collected data.
  • Optimize model variants according to project or device requirements.
  • Skip the complicated pre- and post-processing code.
  • Combined workflow with data generation, collection, and model training.
  • Develop apps with trained models faster with the Fritz SDK.

Dataset Collection System

Use the Dataset Collection System to gather user-generated data for model improvement.
Know what your models predict and what users expect those same models to predict. The Dataset Collection System (DCS) captures both—so you can better understand real-world model performance and usage.
DCS Capabilities
  • Collect and annotate data generated by end users.
  • Understand real-world model predictions.
  • Review/adjust user-generated annotations.
  • Generate model retraining datasets.