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Machine learning is hard—but powering mobile apps with it shouldn’t be. Start building the next generation of mobile experiences in minutes with our iOS and Android SDKs, which include our APIs with out-of-the-box ML models baked in.

Start building – without a PhD in machine learning

Integrate the Fritz SDK in your project in minutes. That’s it. You build the app, and we’ll take care of the machine learning.
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Available Features

Explore pre-built ML solutions for your app

Style Transfer

Stylize the world around you

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Image Labeling

Recognize people, places, and things

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Image Segmentation

Interpret images pixel-by-pixel

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Pose Estimation

Track body positions frame-by-frame

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Object Detection

Identify objects within an image or live video

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Step-by-step guides to help you get started
Hair Segmentation
Change hair color in real-time
iOS Android
Replace Background
Replace a photo's background
Detect Pizza
Identify pizza
Pet Detector
Build a pet detector
Style Transfer
Create artistic masterpieces
iOS Android
Pet Segmentation
Create pet stickers for messaging apps
iOS Android

Case Studies

See what others have built

One Bite One Bite

One Bite

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Fritz AI allowed us to quickly integrate real-time image classification while the user is recording the video. No data is ever sent to our servers until the user submits their review. This saves us a ton of backend resources and makes for a much faster on-device experience.
- Andrew Barba, One Bite Developer

GIF Maker by Momento Momento

GIF Maker by Momento

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You need to have someone who knows what they’re doing. If you can find someone who’s good at building these things and just use what they’ve built, that’s a good thing.
- Genady Okrain, CEO