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Add no-code machine learning to your Lens creation toolkit.

No-Code ML for Snapchat Lenses

Fritz AI is the machine learning platform for Snapchat Lens Creators, creative agencies, designers, animators, artists, and more. Start creating immediately with pre-trained Lens Studio projects—or use our model-building Studio to generate and label data, train custom models without code, and deploy directly to Lens Studio with SnapML.
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No ML Experience, No Problem

Level up your creative team without hiring a team of PhDs. With our webapp's unified workflow, there's no need for previous experience or expertise with machine learning—no Python notebooks, model converters or other model-building overhead. All the ML magic happens inside Fritz AI.

Extend the Capabilities of Lens Studio

Move beyond the capabilities baked into Lens Studio. Build ML models that apply artistic style effects, recognize custom items, separate unique scene elements from each other, and track objects as they move through space.

ML's Toughest Challenges, Solved

Fritz AI Studio provides powerful tools across the machine learning lifecycle that rapidly accelerate project development. Generate ready-to-train datasets of thousands of images in minutes; train compatible, high-performing models without code; and export them directly to Lens Studio.

Free Ebook: Working with ML in Snap Lens Studio

The ultimate guide to building custom machine learning powered Lenses for Snapchat.

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How can Lenses be improved with SnapML?

Explore the benefits of working with Fritz AI for Lens Studio

Create More Lens Engagement

Allow Snapchatters to augment, engage, and interact directly with brand logos, product packaging, and limitless other unique objects and environmental elements.

Enable Highly-Customized Experiences

Recognize, track, and isolate more components of a real-world scene. Work with custom brand assets, objects, or other elements not found in common image datasets.

Push the Boundaries of Augmented Reality

Increase interactivity between the physical environment and digital objects and effects. Anchor effects and animations to custom real-world objects, create unique ML-triggered experiences, and much more.

Ready-to-use with SnapML

Pre-trained models and project templates provide launchpads for your own creativity and imagination, allowing you to focus solely on the Lenses you want to create. Access models within Lens Studio's Asset Library, or download projects with the ML already configured from Fritz AI.

Lens Studio Asset Library

Incorporate Fritz AI pre-trained models without leaving Lens Studio. The Asset Library accelerates Lens development and access to SnapML models.

  • Desserts—Image Labeling
  • Mugs—Object Detection
  • Pet Faces—Object Detection
  • Face Mask Color Changer—Image Segmentation
  • Holiday Tree—Image Segmentation
  • Pet Segmentation—Image Segmentation
  • Read more about the Lens Studio Asset Library

Fritz AI Template Collection

Currently, we have the following project templates available for all Fritz AI account holders. Stay tuned as we add more project templates in the near future.

  • Pokemon—Image Labeling
  • Superheroes—Image Labeling
  • Clean or Messy Room—Image Labeling
  • Four Seasons—Image Labeling
  • Turkey Detector—Image Labeling
  • NBA Logos—Object Detection
  • Soccer Ball—Object Detection
  • Hair Color Changer—Image Segmentation

Built with Fritz AI

We make machine learning easy, but our customers make magic. Use the Snapcodes below to try out these amazing experiences in Snapchat.
BW Style by Helen Breznik
BW Style by Helen Breznik
Wild Lines by Jonah Cohn
Wild Lines by Jonah Cohn
U-R-FRACTAL by jp pirie
U-R-FRACTAL by jp pirie
FOOTBALL-AI by jp pirie
FOOTBALL-AI by jp pirie