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Fritz AI for Snapchat Lens Creators Beta

Build custom, SnapML-powered Lenses for Snapchat without machine learning code.

Enhance Your Snapchat AR Lenses with Machine Learning

Fritz AI is the machine learning platform for Snapchat Lens creators, agencies, designers, animators, artists, and more. Generate and label data, train custom models without code, and deploy directly to Lens Studio with SnapML.
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New to ML? Not sure what's possible?

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Why Machine Learning in Lens Creation?

The opportunities and benefits of working with custom ML in Lens Studio

Create More Engaging Lenses

Allow Snapchatters to engage directly with brand logos and product packaging, and interact with unique objects and environmental elements.

Enable Highly-Customized Experiences

Recognize, track, and isolate more components of a real-world scene. Work with custom brand assets, objects, or other elements not found in common image datasets.

Enhance AR Scene Understanding

Increase interactivity between the physical environment and digital objects and effects. More effectively implement collision and boundary detection for custom objects.

Free Ebook: Working with ML in Snap Lens Studio

The ultimate guide to building custom machine learning powered Lenses for Snapchat.

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Build Custom ML Models Ready for Lens Studio with Fritz AI*

(*No machine learning expertise required)

ML's Toughest Challenges, Solved

Fritz AI Studio provides powerful tools across the machine learning lifecycle that accelerate project development. Generate ready-to-train datasets, train compatible, high-performant models without code, and deploy them directly to Lens Studio.

No ML Experience, No Problem

With our webapp's unified workflow, there's no need for previous experience or expertise with Python notebooks, model converters or other model-building overhead. All the ML magic happens inside Fritz AI.

Extend the Capabilities of Lens Studio

Build ML models that recognize custom items, separate unique scene elements from each other, and track objects as they move through space.

Model Architectures Available

Fritz AI Studio supports these model architectures for a wide range of solutions.

Image Segmentation
Object Detection
Image Labeling
Style Transfer (coming soon)

Use Off-the-Shelf Fritz AI Templates Coming Soon

Ready-to-use SnapML Models

Not ready to build your own ML model yet? Not to worry. We have a number of pre-built ML templates ready to export to Lens Studio. Simply download and start creating.

Growing Model Zoo

Our collection of pre-built ML templates is steadily growing. Get started quickly with our Pokemon and Superhero classification templates. And stay tuned for more.