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Built to meet your every mobile ML need

Our end-to-end platform makes it easier to build and deploy the right ML model to the right device at the right time

Make machine learning a core capability

Our powerful suite of developer tools will help your team collaborate, run and track experiments, optimize model performance, and prepare your machine learning models for mobile deployment.
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Manage your models end-to-end

Use model management tools to deploy the right model to the right device at the right time – and monitor its realtime performance in the wild.
  • Over-the-air model updates
  • Live hot swapping
  • Tag and label-based deploys
  • Model input/output collection and sampling
  • Native cross-platform support

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Train, test, and track

Use the powerful Fritz CLI to train, test, and track all of your mobile machine learning models and experiments. Easily evaluate in-app model performance right from your terminal.
  • Deploy model versions to test devices while training
  • Track model configurations and hyperparameters
  • Benchmark model performance without deploying
  • Integrate with most training workflows
  • Setup projects in Android Studio and Xcode automatically

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Actionable performance insights

Use Fritz AI to monitor machine learning models running on-device. You can easily measure and update your models on both iOS and Android as they improve.
  • Performance by device and processor
  • Performance by platform

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Protect your ML models

Protect and secure your machine learning models and your Intellectual Property. Use model protection to keep models from being tampered-with or stolen.
  • Models only accessible by legitimate users
  • Unusable by attackers, both for copycat apps and model parameter inspection

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Case Studies

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PlantVillage Nuru PlantVillage Nuru


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Fritz AI was a very good system to check the performance of different TensorFlow models and highlight snags. There is such an enormous diversity of phones (flavors of Android, cameras, processors, etc.) so such a system is very useful.
- David Hughes, Team Lead

MDacne MDacne

GIF Maker by Momento

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We had a hard time integrating our model on the device. Fritz AI’s expertise and easy-to-implement framework helped us make the integration happen in a timely manner.
- Oded Harth, CEO