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Fritz AI provides any mobile developer with the ability to build, train, and deploy iOS and Android models quickly.

Start building – without a PhD in machine learning

Our integrated platform empowers your dev team to create datasets, train models, run experiments, optimize size & performance, and prepare your machine learning models for mobile deployment.
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All-in-one Platform

Fritz AI solves the entire lifecycle of mobile machine learning end-to-end.

Create Datasets




Dataset Generator
Model Training
Model Delivery Network
Dataset Import
Benchmark Performance
Model Protection
Model Analytics
Dataset Collection System
Model Retraining

Create Datasets

Create ready-to-train image datasets. Quickly and easily build datasets with accurate labels to be used in the training of models for mobile deployment.
  • Datset Generator – Synthetic data creation
  • Dataset Collection System – Real-world device data
  • Dataset Import – Upload and annotate images


Train production-ready mobile machine learning models from datasets – without any code.
  • Benchmark on-device model performance without deploying
  • Deploy model versions to test devices while training
  • Track training configurations and hyperparameters


Deploy the right model to the right device. Convert and protect models across platforms, without losing accuracy or performance.
  • Native cross-platform mobile SDKs
  • Protect models from attackers and copycat apps
  • Model Delivery Network – Live model updating and edge-caching


Improve deployed models running on-device. Collect real-world data, retrain models, and push improvements live.
  • Dataset Collection System – Real-world device data
  • Analyze performance by platform, device and processor
  • Test and experiment with model versions

Case Studies

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PlantVillage Nuru PlantVillage Nuru


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Fritz AI was a very good system to check the performance of different TensorFlow models and highlight snags. There is such an enormous diversity of phones (flavors of Android, cameras, processors, etc.) so such a system is very useful.
- David Hughes, Team Lead

MDacne MDacne

GIF Maker by Momento

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We had a hard time integrating our model on the device. Fritz AI’s expertise and easy-to-implement framework helped us make the integration happen in a timely manner.
- Oded Harth, CEO