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Our plans fit every budget, including $0




Basic Plan Includes
  • iOS + Android SDK
  • Use any Basic ML-backed features
  • Measure, Manage, and Deploy up to 10 models
  • 1-million monthly active devices included
  • Chat and email support in business hours


Starting at


Premium + Basic Features
  • Premium versions of ML-backed features
  • Unlimited monthly active devices
  • Unlimited custom models
  • Input/output prediction database
  • Custom model protection/encryption
  • Month-to-month commitment, cancel anytime
  • Chat, email, and phone support in business hours


Starting at


Premium + Enterprise Features
  • Custom features created to specification
  • Exclusive model + IP licensing available
  • Custom model retraining
  • Collaborative application development
  • Annual invoicing terms available
  • 24/7 Chat, email, and phone support

Expert Services

No app or ML experts? Our services provide you with direct access to machine learning experts. Help with the entire creation lifecycle from research to deployment.
Modeling and Training
  • Collect, label, and augment training data
  • Model architecture R&D
  • Prepared templates for training
Mobile and Hardware Deployment
  • Improve on-device speed and power usage
  • Compress model size to requirements
  • ML-adjacent app & software development
ML Expertise
  • Develop edge-based solutions rapidly
  • Avoid performance and accuracy bottlenecks
  • Support every use-case on all platforms