Machine Learning Intern | Fritz

Machine Learning Intern

Boston, MA

Job Description

Fritz is hiring a machine learning intern this summer to help us implement new models that will eventually run on the billions of mobile devices in the world. Our current machine learning models include challenging problems like image segmentation and pose estimation. We make versions of these models capable of running on mobile devices to enable developers to create new and amazing experiences in their apps. The models we have trained achieve state of the art accuracy and performance, putting us at the forefront of ML inference. We are constantly seeking to expand our capabilities with fresh ideas and new talent.

Check out some of our work here:

Your role:
  • Implement state-of-the-art deep learning techniques for computer vision
  • Test and optimize different model architectures for performance on mobile devices
  • Leverage open source training datasets
  • Generate synthetic training datasets
  • Work and collaborate with engineers and machine learning scientists
  • Learn techniques for mobile-first ML engineering from our team
Desired qualifications, but not firm requirements:
  • Currently enrolled in a PhD or Master’s program
  • Experience working with convolutional neural networks
  • Experience with any of these frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe
  • Understanding of linear algebra, probability distributions, machine learning trade-offs, hyper-parameters and evaluation metrics
  • Proficiency in Python and the scientific Python stack: numpy, pandas, matplotlib, etc.
  • Kaggle participation, blog posts, conference talks or other community engagement