Style Transfer to Create Real-time Artwork with ML | Fritz AI

Style Transfer

Use Style Transfer to bring real-time, artistic styles to your apps. Transform photos into masterpieces painted by history’s greatest artists. Great for creative camera apps and user-generated content.

Custom Style Transfer

Quickly move from an idea to a production-ready Style Transfer model with Fritz AI.
Bicentennial Print by Roy Lichtenstein
Result with Bicentennial Print style transferred

Pre-Trained Styles

Incorporate any or all of our pre-designed styles into your app today, no ML experience necessary.

Getting Started

import Fritz

let image = FritzVisionImage(buffer: sampleBuffer)

var model: FritzVisionStyleModel?

guard let stylizedBuffer = try? styleModel.predict(image) else { return }

// Now you can use the stylized image...
Style Transfer

The Swift code sample here illustrates how simple it can be to use Style Transfer in your app. Use the links below to access additional documentation, code samples, and tutorials that will help you get started.


Unlimited Styles

We provide 11 styles ready to use. Add your own trained styles to access unlimited creativity.

  • Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
  • The Scream by Edvard Munch
  • The Poppy Field by Claude Monet
  • Bicentennial Print from America: The Third Century by Roy Lichtenstein
  • Les Femmes d’Alger by Picasso
  • Head of a Clown by Joseph Kutter
  • Horses on the Seashore by Giorgio de Chirico
  • The Trial by Sidney Nolan
  • Ritmo Plastico by Gino Severini
  • A view through a kaleidoscope
  • Pink and blue rhombuses style
Customize Styles

Use Fritz AI Studio to train your own Style Transfer themes.

Runs On-Device

All predictions / model inferences are made completely on-device.

No internet connection is required to interpret images or video.

No internet dependency means super-fast performance.

Cross-Platform SDKs

Supported mobile platforms:

  • Android Style Transfer
  • iOS Style Transfer
Model Variants

Stable: Visually stabilized Style Transfer creates beautiful continuity between frames. Most helpful in video, rather than single images.

Fast: Optimized for speed, best for processing video streams in real-time or on older devices.

Accurate: Optimized for higher accuracy where prediction quality is more important than speed.

Small: Optimized for size, keep your application bundle size low and conserve bandwidth.

Live Video Performance

Runs on live video with a fast frame rate.

Exact FPS performance varies depending on device, but it is possible to run this feature on live video on modern mobile devices.

Technical Specifications


Fast Style Transfer

Model Size

68 KB

17 KB (8-bit quantization)

467 KB (stabilized)


150 M


640x480-pixel image

Arbitrary size images (iOS12)


Stylized image


Core ML, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Mobile, Keras


28 FPS on iPhone X

10 FPS on Pixel 2