Object Detection to Identify and Track Objects | Fritz

Object Detection

Use Object Detection to identify and track things within the contents of an image or each frame of live video. Helps with everything from photography to autonomy.

Premium Available

Object Detection is included in the free Basic plan. Upgrading to Premium adds these additional features and limits:

  • Custom object training
  • Enhanced performance
  • Unlimited devices

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Recognizes 91 Objects

Bounding boxes provided for each object detected.

Our mobile-friendly model was trained on COCO, a large-scale object detection dataset. Predicts objects such as:

Customize Objects

Our team can create custom Object Detection models upon request.

Runs On-Device

All predictions / model inferences are made completely on-device.

No internet connection is required to interpret images or video.

No internet dependency means super-fast performance.

Cross-Platform SDKs

Supported mobile platforms:

  • Android Object Detection
  • iOS Object Detection
Live Video Performance

Runs on live video with a fast frame rate.

Exact FPS performance varies depending on device, but it is possible to run this feature on live video on modern mobile devices.

Technical Specifications


SSDLite + MobileNet V2 variant

Model Size

~17 MB


800 M


300x300-pixel image


Offsets for >2,000 candidate bounding boxes

Class labels for each box

Confidence scores for each box


Core ML, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, TensorFlow Mobile, Keras


18 FPS on iPhone X

8 FPS on Pixel 2