Command Line Interface (CLI) | Fritz AI

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Use the CLI to train, test, and track all of your mobile machine learning models. Easily evaluate in-app model performance right from your terminal.

Speed up your model development workflow by reducing barriers between model training and application development.


Automatically set up a new Xcode or Android Studio project for mobile machine learning.


Keep track of model configurations and hyperparameters for any specific model version. Upload and download model checkpoints to quickly test them.


Easily convert and push models from your training scripts directly to mobile devices for testing.

Test and Experiment

Instantly deploy new model versions to your mobile app without ever leaving your workflow, saving you time and making it easy to collaborate with other developers on your team.

Model Management

After you've finished developing your model and released your app, track model performance and manage updates over-the-air.

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Getting Started

>> pip install Fritz
>> fritz config update --api-key "YOUR API KEY" --project-id "YOUR PROJECT ID"

Documentation Tutorial

Fritz CLI

The code sample here illustrates how to get started with the CLI. Use the links below to access additional documentation, code samples, and tutorials.