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State of Mobile Machine Learning in 2020

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Referencing survey data from 500 technical leaders across industries, this report dives headfirst into a burgeoning sector of the larger AI and machine learning (ML) industry—mobile machine learning.
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About the Data Report

AI and ML models have become more powerful, more predictive, and more optimized. By deploying AI and ML models to mobile platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, and Snapchat), engineers and development teams are able to move ML models closer to input data sources. This unlocks a variety of benefits and cost reductions, both for end users and development teams.

This report will answer the following questions:

  • What differentiates mobile machine learning from more traditional cloud-based ML?
  • What is the current state of the industry, both in terms of the big players and up-and-coming firms?
  • What industry verticals are ripe for innovation with mobile ML solutions?
  • What are the current opportunities and roadblocks for organizations who are thinking about powering their mobile experiences with ML?

This report was created in partnership between Fritz AI and Spell.