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Fritz is the machine learning platform for iOS and Android developers. Teach your mobile apps to see, hear, sense, and think.
Fritz Machine Learning

Ready-to-use Features

Add ML-powered features to iOS and Android apps with only a few lines of code. Use our APIs with ready-to-use ML models baked right in. What will you build with Fritz?
Object Detection

Identify and track objects within an image or video.

Image Labeling

Recognize people, places, and things with hundreds of labels.

Style Transfer

Turn photos and videos into unique masterpieces based on real art.

Image Segmentation

Recognize people and objects to separate them from the background.

Pose Estimation

Track movement and orientation of key body parts.

Custom Creations

Build and enhance your own ML features with Fritz. Train and test ML models with our integrated tools, or start with one of our notebooks to create your own custom variant.
Train and Benchmark

Build your models faster. Use Keras integrated with Fritz to automatically save checkpoints and deploy model updates throughout training.

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Manage and Deploy

Manage custom ML features for iOS and Android. Protect, deploy, and monitor Core ML, TensorFlow Lite, or TensorFlow Mobile models.

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Built with Fritz

We make machine learning easy on iOS and Android, but our customers make magic. Learn more about the amazing experiences our talented customers have built.

Why on-device ML over cloud?


Avoiding network round-trips and data shuffling results in brilliant performance.


Whether a few devices or millions, ML on-device scales consistently.

High Value

Cloud-based providers of ML are expensive. Edge-computing saves time and money.


Personal and identifying information does not need to be sent to the cloud, ever.

Available Offline

All our edge solutions work fully offline for maximum portability (even on airplane mode).


From photos to current whereabouts, local data can stay entirely on device.

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